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"My family went through the program three years ago at the Indianapolis location. After going through many different counselors and a behavioral health facility with no success, we chose to give PFC a chance. Our daughter was definately an addict. She would use anything that was put in front of her. She had run away from home and was kicked out of school. It was a horrifying time for her and the entire family. We chose PFC for many reasons. First, we were completely involved in the treatment process. Secondly, she would be staying in a family environment in the evenings as opposed to an institutional setting, and it was far enough away from our home that she couldn't leave and walk straight back to her drug using "friends". We were able to communicate with our daughter throughout the entire program. It was extremely difficult and a lot of hard work on all of our parts. However, we didn't just abandon our child at a rehab center. I've heard many people talk of brainwashing at PFC. My daughter's brain needed washing!!!! Call it what you want. My daughter is now 20 years old. She obtained her GED. She is working. She is clean and sober. We have a wonderful relationship now. I was losing my daughter to hardcore drugs at the age of 17. Had the program been easy, it wouldn't have worked! Try not to judge this program too harshly. It has truly saved many lives. For me, that's what is important."

"Pathway has saved me and given me a new chance at life. I am accepted and surrounded by unconditional love. I have my family back." 
Christy D.

"Pathway has saved my life and I'm truly grateful. They have given me a second chance at life I never thought I deserved." 
Rachel C.
"Terri, I just wanted to give you some inspiration for all of your hard work. Our daughter, Sarah, is doing so amazingly well. I can't even begin to explain the changes we've seen, and how strong and determined she is. Pathway was the miracle that we prayed for for two years. You saved our daughter and also made a huge difference in how our family relates. I thank God every day for Sarah's sobriety and the road that brought her to you, where she was finally safe from drugs and alcohol. We are incredibly grateful to both Monica, her counselor at the time, and Kevin, who did a super job as the Program director.  Bless you. I know that you understand because you have a child that has also been saved. Take care and keep up the good work!"
Sylvia S.

"We knew we needed a long-term place because the short-term programs did not work for our child. Brighton Hospital (Outpatient and short-term provider) said it was the best place to go."
Bob W.

"Pathway Family Center has been the best thing to happen to our family. Before my son went to Pathway, he had no desire to do anything except hang out with his friends and get high. He was not involved in the family in any way. He failed school and stopped going all together. He is now looking forward to being part of our family again and going back to school."
Amy K.

"It is neither an exaggeration nor melodramatic when I say that Pathway Family Center saved the life of my son. He had attempted suicide, shot himself accidentally when high, and was constantly exposing himself to extreme high-risk behaviors. I am forever thankful not only for what it did for him, but also what it gave to me personally. Pathway gave me skills to cope with my addicted son, awareness, openness, and other gifts too numerous to mention."
Tim Y.

"Other programs did not provide the necessary foundation for our resistant child. We were desperate for a program that dealt with the deeper issues of an addicted adolescent who was in need of structure, guidance, and understanding."
Steve C.

"Since coming to Pathway, I am learning more about who I really am, not what the drugs told me I was. I am more open and honest. If I had not been given the opportunity to come to Pathway...if I was still alive, I would probably be out on the streets just living for my next high".
Jesse M.

"I learned how to live life to is fullest and how to have healthy relationships with people and how to live life without using drugs. I also have more trust for others." 
Julia B.

"I have much better self-esteem and a better relationship with my family."
James B.

A Letter of Support from Hamilton County Sheriff Douglas G. Carter:

January 1, 2009

To whom it may concern:

Please consider this a letter of high recommendation for Pathway Family Center. As Sheriff of Hamilton County for the past 6 years, I have been actively involved in raising awareness to parents and to teens about the ever growing problem of adolescent drug and alcohol abuse.

In the years that I’ve known Pathway Family Center, I was pleasantly surprised to find that their program goes way above and beyond typical teen treatment, which usually involves a stay for only as long as insurance provides (which is very little, if any time). Rather, Pathway treats teens who are harmfully involved with illegal substance in their long-term program for as long as it takes, before gradually reintroducing them back into society. Their model also includes requiring the family to participate in treatment throughout the entire program, which is a rarity but a critically important component. This program works and I have seen its success over and over again.

Addiction affects everyone. Taxpayers pay for teens to revolve in and out of the system with little hope for change. Crime, due to substance abuse, is on the rise. If programs such as Pathway exist, society will benefit. But without funding, Pathway and other non-profit treatment centers cannot survive. They need your help.

I stand behind the program and staff of Pathway Family Center and I hope that you will consider sponsoring this life changing process


Douglas G. Carter, Sheriff
Hamilton County, Indiana

"Law enforcement cannot hope to reduce addictive behavior by significant numbers acting unilaterally.  We need to partner with other professional disciplines and surround the problem from many directions.  Pathway Family Center has proven to be successful in this fight.  They are having an impact with the most vulnerable victims of addiction; adolescents and their families."

David Lain, Sheriff
Porter County, Indiana

"This program saved our sons life and our family unit. Nothing could ever be said to make me believe othewise. Every week our sons druggie friends are being picked up be the cops, so that is one thing we will never worry about again.   PATHWAY DIFFENENTLY SAVED OUR CHILD AND FAMILY. WITHOUT PFC WE WOULD BE LOST.  THANKS!"
Beth S.

"Before Pathway, our family was totally out of control and unmanageable. We felt like we were losing our son. He had become withdrawn from the family and was using drugs on a daily basis. He got to the point where all he could think of was his next high. He got two underage consumption charges and a DUI in 3 months and that wasn't enough to make him stop. The drugs had taken over his life. We are so grateful that we found Pathway Family Center. This program saved our son and our family. This program helped our son stop using drugs and understand his disease. He now has the tools to use for the rest of his life. He also has a network of other Pathway graduates for support. Our son has thanked us so many times for putting him in this program. We thank God that we found this program and it really works."
Charissa S.

"I am very grateful to Pathway Family Center for the treatment that our family received. Our child is now drug free and living a productive adult life. And we have a great relationship with our child because of the care we received and the tools we learned to use at Pathway Family Center.  The program also brought renewed faith and love in our Creator and each other. The program was challenging and we are grateful for that because we needed the wake up call to learn how to survive and now thrive.  We are all better off for the experience. Thanks to Pathway Family Center."
Kevin G.

"My family is currently receiving treatment at Pathway Family Center. Our whole family is involved in the recovery plan for our teen. This place works miracles in the lives of these kids who, for one reason or another have gotten lost in this society we have provided for them to live in. These kids come out of the program fully prepared to deal with life head on without the use of drugs or alcohol. Clients are given the tools they need to deal with feelings, express thoughts, communicate and develop healthy self-esteem. This is not a drop-off program where they detox the kids and then send them back into the world that devoured them in the first place. I highly recommend any parent who may need help and doesn't know where to turn at least come in for a thorough assessment by trained substance abuse counselors. You may save your child's life and put your family back together. I know that is what is happening for us."
Karen D.

"My son was admitted to PFC in September, 1995 at age 15. He was involved with alcohol and marijuana primarily. His behaviors were deteriorating rapidly; when I found him stomping on the chest of his younger brother it was time to take action. After many phone calls, retelling my story, we were directed to Pathway. Of course, he didn't have a problem; it was all us! He soon came to realize his drug use was the problem and accepted the Pathway program. He completed the program in one year. Today he has graduated from college, is working full time at his own paint shop (auto) and is a strong, healthy young man! Thanks to the Pathway program for all they did for not only our son, but our entire family!"
Patricia E.

We had tried counseling for our 15 yr old son, not realizing that he was lying to everyone. We found Pathway soon after an at- home drug test came up positive. We truly believe that Pathway saved our whole family. We all took part in the teaching and counseling that Pathway offered. Some of our best memories are of hosting these children in our home, being able to use our new skills and knowledge while interacting with them on a one to one basis. This experience was invaluable when our son graduated from Pathway and we integrated him back into our lives. He is now 21, living away from home, working full time and going to college full time. There have been ups and downs since Pathway, but we were given the tools with which to deal with these issues as they came up. Our son is close to his sisters and we have been blessed to hear him say "Thank you" for finding the help we all needed.
Carin & Jim B.

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