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If you are a parent of guardian of a teen and you are seeking help, remember that Pathway may or may not be the level of treatment needed.  However, a clinical assessment by licensed professionals who are credentialed in adolescent substance abuse treatment is the best measure to obtain information you can use to intelligently determine what assistance your teen needs.  Pathway is equipped to provide those clinical assessments. PathwayFamilyCenter.org >>
If you would like to speak with a Pathway counselor or would like more information, contact Pathway here >>

Critics often claim that Pathway staff, parents, and clients are "in a cult", "are brainwashed", and state that "without Pathway, my child would be dead, insane, or in jail."  Critics claim this is hystrionic and overstated as a justification for drug treatment.  These parents and friends would disagree, and can only pray an intervention had been done: Testimonials/Memorials >>
Linda Surks, a mother's story >>

Have your teen's behavior patterns improved or worsened in the last 60-90 days? If they have worsened, what is the logical continued behavior pattern if nothing is done?  I recommend that you get help, whether at Pathway or somewhere else.

You are not alone. More info >>

Critics claim that drug treatment is not necessary.  Your teen can stop using drugs if they want to.  Drug treatment doesn't work.  And drug treatment must be voluntary.  Myths About Drug Abuse >>

Understanding addiction  More info >>

Stages of substance abuse  More info >>

Treatment Approaches:
In 2003, Pathway also was recognized by Washington, D.C.-based Drug Strategies, a national research institute promoting effective drug abuse treatment.
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There are several approaches used for effective drug treatment.  Pathway utilizes Behavioral Therapy for Adolescents, which helps young patients exert control by avoiding situations associated with drug use, recognizing and changing thoughts, feelings or plans that lead to drug use and enlisting family/friends to help them stay away from drugs. 

In addition, Pathway uses Multidimensional Family Therapy (MDFT) for Adolescents, which positively utilizes the network of influences on youth behavior by incorporating family as an active part of therapy. During individual and family sessions, therapists help develop crucial skills that enable teenagers to cope with life stressors and allow parents to improve their parenting.  Young patients attempt to better their decision-making, negotiation, problem-solving and communication skills, while parents work to positively influence their children.   More info on Treatment Approaches >>

Types of treatment  More info >>

National Study Confirms Abuse of Prescription and Over-the-Counter Drugs by Teens More info >>

National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA): Drug facts and treatment >>

High School and Youth Trends: Study Findings >>

Office of National Drug Control Policy(ONDCP): Drug facts and FAQs >>

Greater Dallas Council on Alcohol & Drug Abuse(GDCADA): Marijuana facts and statistics >>

Prescription and Over-the-Counter Drug Abuse: StopMedicineAbuse.org >>

Parents. The Anti-Drug:  theantidrug.com >>

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