FSSA Findings Letter...

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In February 2009, Richard Mark West made false accusations against Pathway Family Center to Indiana Family and Social Services Administration (FSSA) Department of Mental Health & Addictions, to WISHTV Channel 8 (CBS affilliate) in Indianapolis, and also to CARF, the independent accrediting agency of Pathway Family Center.  Previously, he made the same false accusations to TV Channel 9 in Cincinnati.  As with all complaints, CARF and the Indiana Department of Mental Health & Addictions coordinated a joint investigation of West's serious allegations through interviews of Pathway staff, clients, parents, and on-site reviews of Pathway records and facilities.

On July 27, 2009, FSSA Department of Mental Health & Addictions released the report of findings from their review of West's allegations against Pathway.  The findings letter is reprinted below and clearly attests that all allegations were false and without merit.  It is unfortunate that West was allowed to use the media to publicly defame Pathway with his false accusations.