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Pathway Family Center is a teen substance abuse treatment program that involves the entire family, not simply a drop-off program where the parents come back at some future date to pick up their child when they are "fixed" of the drug abuse.  For 16 years, Pathway has helped thousands of teens and their families to overcome the harmful and life-destroying effects of drug abuse.  Pathway graduates have regained their life, re-established family relationships, and live productive lives.  Many have obtained college degrees, established careers, and become entreprenuers.

The Issue...

You may find information on the Internet that accuses or implies that Pathway is a cult and imposes abuses on clients, with the objective of intimidating parents to reject Pathway without any further consideration.  Based on their own stated objectives, the critics' actions are a systematic  attempt to publicly damage Pathway and to dissuade potential clients from considering Pathway.  This website has been prepared by graduate parents of the Pathway program to fully refute the false, negative accusations against Pathway and also look at inconsistent comments by critics.  It is our belief that while America provides liberal freedom of speech, it does not grant anyone the license to wrongly defame and make false statements against others.  The false statements against Pathway warrant legal action, and it is understood that is being pursued.   This website contains factual information about Pathway based on our personal experience, interviews with former client graduates and parents, and Pathway staff.  It also contains useful resources, and information on some of the key critics of Pathway and the motives behind their accusations.

More About Pathway...

Pathway is a day treatment teen substance abuse treatment program that is licensed by state licensing agencies, accredited by the     Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) (view summary of CARF accreditation >>) and is subject to periodic, comprehensive oversight reviews by these independent agencies.  (More on the rigorous CARF Accreditation process>>)  Pathway's clinical team is led by licensed Masters Level Social Workers with emphasis on adolescent substance abuse treatment.  In addition, a full-time RN or LPN and licensed teacher are on staff.  Consulting physicians and psychiatrists have sessions with every client.  Some graduates of Pathway who aspire to become degreed social workers are on staff and assist the Masters Level Program Director and Masters Level Therapists with administrative tasks and selected group therapy sessions.  While graduates on staff may participate in group therapy sessions, the Program Director or Therapist facilitate the sessions.

Pathway operations are subject to oversight by independent organizations, and they have endorsements and referrals by teachers, doctors, private counselors, judges, law enforcement, academia, active participation by volunteer board members, professionally credentialed staff, and daily experience and observations by parents. These writers and Pathway do not, and have never, condoned abuse in any form.  Pathway is not abusive.  We know first hand because we lived this treatment program and know that it saved our teens.

Any parent considering the need to obtain professional help for their teen will be awash in emotions and maybe even self-doubt.  As a parent having been in those shoes, we can relate.  We fully recommend that parents review the options available to help them.  Pathway may not be the level of treatment required for your teen.  However, a clinical assessment of your teen is the first step to understand the problem.  Pathway provides clinical substance abuse assessments by licensed therapists utilizing a DSM-IV clinical guide to determine the extent of the drug use issue, if any.  Nearly 70% of the drug assessments that Pathway does results in a referral to another treatment source.  That is, the assessment revealed that the level of treatment provided at  Pathway was not necessarily the best fit for the teen.  Instead, a referral to a private counselor, outpatient treatment, or other source, is made.  Pathway is often suitable for a teen with significant unhealthy behaviors resulting from substance abuse, and other treatment sources may have already been unsuccesful.  As a parent, several of us never saw the actual drugs or drug use by our teens.  We only saw the negative behaviors that continued to get worse over time.  So you may also have not actually seen the drugs or drug use, but you have seen the behaviors. 

Do research from reputable sources. (With respect, that would exclude false accusations and implications by critics that were not treated by Pathway and have never observed the Pathway program.)  Consider referrals from medical and theraputic professionals, and parents and teens who have been treated by Pathway directly.   Utilize information from reliable, professional and credible sources such as The Partnership for a Drug-Free AmericaParents. The Anti-Drug , The National Institute on Drug Abuse , US Department of Health and Human Services, Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) , The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University (CASA), and The President's Office on National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP).  More information can be found at resources link >>.

This website is a private collaboration by several graduate parents of Pathway Family Center and is in no way initiated, funded, authorized, or otherwise supported by Pathway Family Center.  Content on this site has been compiled through personal experience and observations of the Pathway treatment program, interviews with graduate parents and clients, former staff and current staff of Pathway, and through extensive research and review of information in the public domain.  The objective for presentation of this material is to provide truth to the much-distorted and false information found online about Pathway and its life-saving treatment.

James Meyers, graduate parent
William Reynolds, graduate parent             
(c) 2009

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"Pathway has saved me and given me a new chance at life. I am accepted and surrounded by unconditional love. I have my family back."
Christy D., Pathway graduate
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